How Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his agent protected Babacar Sarr, a man with 6 rape allegations

How Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his agent protected Babacar Sarr, a man with 6 rape allegations

Mike Lugh an ardent Man United fan who loves the Club and hates the Glazers took some time to pen down some stuff that he thought was not right at Manchester United. He didn’t randomly go out of his way to find this stuff on Babacar Sarr.

Man United signed Odion Ighalo, an Aneke Atta client. A player well below the standard required at the club. He looked into the reason why that could be happening.

Turns out, he is a business partner of Jim Solbakken, Oles agent, The website that informed him of this, also had lots of other stories on Jim Solbakken, one of them being Babacar Sarr. In short, Football fan looks into agents dodgy transfer deals with current manager, finds out agent is even more dodgy.

This was found purely out of luck, whilst looking into a dodgy transfer. We thought the story that hadn’t been covered outside of Norway deserved to be brought to a wider audience. So here goes…

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his crooked agent protected Babacar Sarr, a man with 6 rape allegations against him and helped him get out of the county to avoid charges.

Sarr was accused of rape in 2015 whilst at his previous club, but that didn’t stop Ole Gunnar Solskjaer from signing him. Or stop Jim Solbakken from brokering the deal. In 2016, Whilst playing for Molde a further 4 women claimed to have been raped by Sarr.  Including one of these women giving birth to his child. Despite this, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer made him Molde captain on multiple occasions, continued to play him when available and praise him in the media.

He was acquitted in 2018, but ordered to pay compensation to the victims the prosecution appealed, Sarr then refused to give a blood sample, a new court date was set for February 2019. Just a month before Sarrs second criminal trial was due to happen, Molde managed by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer conveniently released Sarr from his contract with 2 years left on it.

The Trial goes on. Sarr doesn’t turn up in court. A warrant is put out for his arrest. Jim Solbakken moves Sarr to a Yenisey Krasnoyarsk in Russia. Norway hasn’t got an extradition treaty with Russia so nothing can be done to get him back to Norway to face charges.

Just 4 hours after Sarr was declared internationally wanted via Interpol for failure to appear in court. And being accused of yet another rape in June 19. Jim Solbakken moves Sarr to Damac. In Saudi Arabia. A country which is outside of Interpols control.

So as if now, Sarr is still internationally wanted whilst still playing football. Thanks to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and one of his best friends/business partner.

To give you an idea of just how involved with Jim Solbakken Ole is –

Molde also stopped an anti rape banner being brought into the stadium. At least 4 Norwegian clubs fans put up anti rape banners in games against Molde. Two clubs took banners to Molde home games and were denied entry, forced to show ID police, then told they were banned for life from Molde’s stadium.

Various sources suggest that the police were effectively acting as paid security for the club whilst this was going on to stop banners getting in. Norwegian football expected Molde to suspended Sarr, but he was still constantly selected and sometimes even captain under Ole.

Ole was asked about this by a journalist and lost his shit –

Journalist : “Is it right for you to select Sarr?”

Ole: “So far we have let him play and that is what the club stands for, We have chosen to trust the player”

Journalist: What do you think about it?

Ole: “(getting pissed off at this point) Ok, That’s it, Let’s talk about the game.  You can ask the boy (Sarr) how the club has supported him”

(Knowing full well Sarr couldn’t give interviews at this point)

Not long after this.   Sarrs 6th alleged rape was reported.  An hour away from where Molde had just had their end of season party in Oslo. Somewhere Sarr wouldn’t have even been if it wasn’t for Molde and Ole allowing him to continue playing.

One of Sarrs alleged victims did an interview with the Norwegian media – “It is difficult to see that the life of Babacar Sarr goes on as if nothing has happened. He continues as a football professional, while I’m here and take the whole load”

Sarr is still currently wanted with his trial postponed until they can get him out of Saudi Arabia. Was playing for Darmac in Saudi Arabia as recently as a month ago.

As a last note on Sarr.

Whilst Jim Solbakken was moving Sarr from Russia to Saudi Arabia, Ole was interim manager at United.  So United were negotiating with him at this time and one would think they would be aware of the situation.

Now. A bit more on Jim Solbakken. And his history with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and United.

Jim Solbakken is one of Ole Gunnar Solskjaers best friends, godfather to one of his children (that played vs United in pre season), his agent of 20+ years and “former” business partner.

In 2009 Ole was forced to “sell” his stake in his joint company with Jim Solbakken by the FA due to a conflict of interest.  A Norwegian newspaper has reported that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has money stashed away in offshore accounts, wonder where from?

Now where do United come into this?

In 2009 Manchester United signed Mame Biram Diouf from Molde. It was later allegedly found out that Jim Solbakken had helped fake Dioufs playing record in order to enhance his chances of getting a work permit.

He was also allegedly representing United, Molde and the player himself in this deal. According to this source, SAF had never seen him play. Diouf hardly played in the first team at Manchester United, but did play a lot of reserve games. Guess who was Man Uniteds reserves manager?

Magnus Eirkem and Matts Daihli similar story. Both played for Molde, United and Cardiff. Not as much info on them unfortunately due to being nothing players.   

When Lindegaard was linked to Manchester United, he became a Jim Solbakken client just days before the move. The reason this is relevant is because as this was happening.  United were negotiating with Jim Solbakken for Ole to leave the club as reserve manager and take over at Molde. Given their history.  I’m sure anyone can figure out why wrote Mike.

Mike also been told by 2 different sources (He obviously can’t verify this) that Haaland was going to be a similar situation with Jim Solbakken involved, which is why Ole was so confident in getting him until Raiola effectively beat them to it.

50 or so Norwegians messaged Mike about this over the last few days, the majority have told to him to be careful as He’s making some powerful enemies here.

Surprisingly the English Media hasn’t reported this ! Here’s the Thread Mike Lugh made on Twitter !


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